Bethany Williamson Registered Landscape Architect AILA

Designing gardens and landscapes for people is much more than a job for Bethany. It’s a way of seeing and being present in one’s surroundings; it is about creating ways to connect people to nature; about how people feel and move through a space. It’s a way of life.

Bethany’s approach to designing gardens does not impose a style or personal stamp upon a space. Rather, by capturing its essence and unique character she transforms it into a place that engages you emotionally and draws you into it. A garden designed by Bethany is not fussy or predictable, but is balanced, striking, restrained and elegant. Minimalist in her approach to design, she uses plants to soften strong lines and create movement and texture. Most projects involve a close collaboration with architects and interior designers with an emphasis on seamless flow between interior and exterior spaces; a dovetailing of functionality and beauty.

"Being able to create a space for someone that reflects who they are, but will also enhance their everyday life, is a reward in itself."

Bethany Williamson

Working on gardens from courtyards to acreages, from coastal to rural and city properties, Bethany loves the challenge of working in different environments, different cities and different climates. Each site has its own story to tell and she considers it a privilege to discover and tell these stories.