Bugle Ranges House South Australia

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Situated on a gently sloping site in the Bugle Ranges, this new home designed by Mountford Williamson Architecture mimics the form of the natural site contours. Stretching across the site, the home invites spectacular views of rolling green hills to the north and distant views to Lake Alexandrina in the south.

These uninterrupted views meant that a seamless integration between the architecture, the garden design and the natural landscape was critical to the success of the project. Materials such as rammed earth, concrete, gravel and corten steel speak to the surrounding colours and textures, while the soft planting of grasses connect visually to the wider landscape.

Our aim was to create a varied range of experiences as you moved through the site, taking cues from the expansive vistas that differed in each location. Trees were positioned to create shade but also to frame views and lead the eye, while level changes were employed to create a sense of enclosure or space.

"Our gardens need to perform in so many ways. Whether they are an escape from the business of life, a place to entertain and be social, or to produce food to eat and flowers to cut; they need to fit seamlessly into how we each live every day."

Bethany Williamson