Kew Residence Victoria

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A restrained palette of materials and minimalist approach provide contrast and balance to a beautiful brick residence in Kew, Victoria. A new contemporary addition designed by Adam Kane Architects contrasts against the original brick, bringing a new design language to the property. The front garden is all texture; green mounds of foliage, loose pebbles, honed concrete. A cluster of sculptural twisted trunks create a backdrop for the smooth concrete bench seat beneath.

The pool in the rear garden draws your attention, nestled against the cool stone-clad retaining walls and mounding green foliage. A cluster of trees create dappled shade and a cool place to sit while entertaining. Long steps of paving and planting entice you up to the lawn terrace, where the view back to the contemporary house extension is at its best.

"The right combination of plants injects drama, vibrancy and adds texture to a space while at the same time softening lines and creating movement. There is a dramatic tension and a synergy between the softness and movement of plants against the rough, tactile nature of concrete and steel, timber and stone."

Bethany Williamson